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You are about to download Flashnote Derby- music notes! 2.5.4 Latest APK for Android,The top ranked music note flashcard gameforiOS is now available for Android!

• Choose exactly the notes you need to practice
• Treble, Bass, Alto, and Tenor clefs!
• Answer using letter names (C, D, E), solfege (Do, Re, Mi) orpianokeys.
• Up to five ledger lines above or below the staff
• Over a dozen videos to help you learn

Forget about boring music note flashcards. Flashnote Derby isthefun way for kids to learn music notes and practice memorizingthem.Learning to read music is key to laying the groundwork forfuturesuccess. Flashnote Derby actually makes this enjoyable andhelpsstudents stay motivated in their music studies.

Each race is a music drill in which you identify differentnotesas they appear on each flashcard. Answering quickly andcorrectlywill cause your horse to gain ground, while incorrectanswers willcause you to fall behind. At the end of each race, youcan reviewthe notes you missed and see the correct answers.

The game is fully customizable to allow for any desired notesinthe treble clef or bass clef to be included. You selectexactlywhich notes are drilled so it’s easy to focus on specificareasthat need work. The amount of time the given for eachmusicflashcard can be increased or decreased depending upon theirageand experience.

Drills can start out simply, with only a handful of notesused,and gradually be made more challenging until the full staffismastered (up to five ledger lines above or below the staff.)Themore difficult the settings, the more points are awarded. The’highscore’ is tracked so that players always have a goal tostrivefor.

As a bonus, over a dozen instructional video lessons areeasilyaccessible from right inside the app! Even children with nopriormusic instruction or note reading experience can startusingFlashnote Derby right away to begin learning about themusicalphabet, the staff, and how to identify different notes.

Because it can be set up so quickly, Flashnote Derby providesaperfect motivational tool for music teachers to use withstudents,even for just a minute or two of each lesson.

Sometimes it takes only a little extra effort to makethedifference between success and failure. Piano students, bandandorchestra students, singers, guitar players- this is the appforyou! Download Flashnote Derby and learn to read music today!

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