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You are about to download The Happy Prospector 1.1.12 Latest APK for Android,The Latest Version is a Critical Update to fixthe problem caused by DMIRS changing file names andstructures.

This fantastic App (Annual Subscription for advanced features)provides Metal Detectorists and Gold Prospectors in WesternAustralia with real time positional information using their smartphone or tablet device (Android) to show their current position ona map with the ability to overlay the Western Australian Departmentof Mines Tenement Data so the user knows if they are on a live orpending tenement. This makes the user’s smartphone or tablet apowerful tool to know exactly where they are on the ground inrelation to Mining, Prospecting or Exploration tenements, givingthe user the confidence to know that they are prospectinglegally.

The Happy Prospector App was inspired by the need for Prospectorsand in particular Metal Detectorists in Western Australia to beable to easily know where they are on the ground in relation tocurrent Mining Tenement Data.

It has been developed to provide Prospectors and Metal Detectoristsin Western Australia with a mobile device based App that provides,Real-time position information against Tenement Data that functionswith or without internet while still being easy to use. TenementData file updates require Internet access.

Users do not need to understand file systems or formats to use theApp, as all data updates are performed simply by selecting a DataUpdate option.

Likewise viewing the latest downloaded Tenement data is as simpleas selecting “Display Map” and “Show Tenements”

The App essentially only has Three Menu Options, and oneSub-menu.
The Main Menu Options being:
Display Map
Update Data
Enable Advanced Features

The initial version does not support the advanced features listedbelow, however once they are released the new release version willsupport them on a subscription basis.
The Display Map Sub-menu allows users to select various mapoptions. The options are the same for both Online and Offlineuse;
Show Tenements,
GPS On/Off
Show Tenement IDs, (Advanced Feature Subscription required)
Show Track (Advanced Feature Subscription required)
Help and

Pending Tenements are shaded light Blue and live Tenements areshaded Red.
• If an area is covered by both a Live and Pending Tenement it willbe a slightly darker colour than the standard Live Tenement colourin these instances the Live Tenement rules for access apply.
• The Penalties for prospecting illegally are substantial.
• Prospectors require written permission from the Lease Holderprior to prospecting on Live Leases.
• It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that they areprospecting legally.

There is a dynamic distance scale on the Display Map screens toprovide an approximate distance reference for the displayedarea.

Whilst every care has been taken in developing the App, it remainsthe user’s responsibility to ensure they update the data on aregular basis. Internet coverage is only required to updatedata.

The App positional information should be as accurate as the deviceGPS position allows, however users should not rely on this App as asole means of navigation.

Designed to be easy to use and easy to keep the data updated, allyou need is an Android Phone or Tablet, or an IOS device (Iphone /Ipad) when the IOS version is released.

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