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Dead Light

Will you survive the darkest night?

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4.1 and up
Mature 17+
4.1 (81.70448%) 22611 votes

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App description

The description of Dead Light

***The game is still in development.***

Dead Light is a cooperative online horror survival where team of four survivors do their best trying to survive in the fight with ruthless killer.

The main goal of survivors is to act as a team and do everything possible to stay alive or they are going to be dead by daylight. They are supposed to get out of the closed location by repairing broken generators. Survivors should help, heal and rescue each other from the deadly hands of the killer.

The main goal of the killer is much simpler. The killer must catch them all and sacrifice survivors.

Dead Light provides unique experience in asymmetrical online gameplay. The team of four people have to resist the power of one invincible killer. This game is a perfect pick for the fans of horror survival games like friday and others. Here comes the time to decide which side you are on: hunt or be hunted! Good luck!

What's New

May 16, 2018
- Fixed various bugs connected with controls
- Gameplay improvements
- Added crouching
- Improved killer’s attack animation
- Fixed a petard bug
- Changed repairing zone around the gen, now it is smaller than before
- Fixed Gravemaker animations
- Added new text message when the killer flees
- Added new region servers

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