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The description of Erie YourTurn

YourTurn is Erie Insurance’s new rewards-based telematics program for young drivers. The program is designed to help young drivers become better drivers by incentivizing good driving behaviors through rewards and providing advice on improving driving habits.

The program will allow young drivers – ages 16 through 23 – to track their driving behaviors using a mobile application and in-vehicle tag and earn rewards that can be cashed in for gift cards or pre-paid Visa cards, or donated to charity! All just for displaying good driving behaviors. Parents can also participate in the program, but they will not be able to earn rewards.

The application determines how well drivers are doing by giving them a score based on their performance in the categories of phone distraction, speeding, acceleration, braking, and cornering – with higher-risk behaviors, such as distraction and speeding, weighted more heavily. Scores are captured and reset at the end of each two-week scoring period. Drivers with a score of 90 or above will receive a $10 reward, 85-89 a $5 reward, and 80-84 a $2.50 reward (no rewards will be granted for scores of 79 or below).

Rewards are of course great, but there are other fun features too! Leaderboards allow you to see how you’re doing compared to your peers, trends let you see how you do over time, streaks let you see how many consecutive trips you’ve gone without a negative event, and badges track achievements over time – number of miles without a speeding incident, etc.

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