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Hand Drawing (Sketch, Memo)

Hand Drawing (Sketch, Memo)

Drawing app to draw simple notes or drawings

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  • Hand Drawing (Sketch, Memo) Hand Drawing (Sketch, Memo) Hand Drawing (Sketch, Memo) Hand Drawing (Sketch, Memo) Hand Drawing (Sketch, Memo) Hand Drawing (Sketch, Memo) Hand Drawing (Sketch, Memo) Hand Drawing (Sketch, Memo)

App description

The description of Hand Drawing (Sketch, Memo)

It is a simple drawing application that is designed with only the essential functions for easy use for those who like drawing.

Using hand drawings, you can demonstrate your artistic creativity, and you can have fun drawing pictures and editing and editing pictures regardless of your talent level.

If inspiration comes to mind, show your artistic inspiration and share it with your friends right now.

Or I do not want to do anything and I do not want to think about anything. When you do this, you have some of the experiences you have drawn on blank notes in a meaningless way. Try this one.

Or simply write down what you think of as memoirs and erase your thoughts.

When you want to reconcile with a friend or a lover, you can also use it as a simple picture that contains the heart of an apple rather than a character.

Even today's friends who are familiar with smart phones can become a space where you can enjoy your creativity with fun with analog sensibility.

Usability is not complicated, so it is a drawing tool that can be used easily when you think about sudden notes, comic, sketch, handwriting, memo, paint, notepad, sketch,

You can use it as a simple drawing board, and there is enough advanced drawing sketch tool, picture drawing, sketchbook, Doodle!!

[main function]
- Full screen mode
- Drawing (save the information to the end)
- Loading photos
- Clear it.
- Various colors, pen thickness
- Save, Share

[Storage information]
- Save folder: handDraw
- Storage format: png

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