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Lords of Empire

Lords of Empire

A multiplayer online and real time SLG game.

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4.0.3 and up
4.5 (90.7072%) 10789 votes

  • Lords of Empire Lords of Empire Lords of Empire Lords of Empire Lords of Empire Lords of Empire Lords of Empire Lords of Empire Lords of Empire Lords of Empire Lords of Empire Lords of Empire Lords of Empire Lords of Empire Lords of Empire

App description

The description of Lords of Empire

Wanna clash with global players? Come join this real-time strategy mobile MMO game!
Explore beautiful graphics, wipe out terrifying monsters and powerful enemies to end the chaos and unify the kingdom. Raise your own dragon, make new friends, join wonder war, strike down your foes, and build up your empire!


Open-World Mobile Strategy Game
Join with players in this open world on your mobile devices! Chat, fight and clash with other players from all over the world in this SLG game!

Make Friends
Unite your friends and allies in your kingdom and join wonder war together!

Rule as King/Queen
Claim the throne in wonder war to reward allies and punish opponents! Be just? Be cruel? All up to you!

Baby Dragon
Get a nest for your baby dragon. Complete quests and join events and war to level up your dragon! March your dragon with you to build your empire!

Perfect Your Strategy
What’s your plane on preparing your troops for those clashes? Ever think of new lineups? Master your strategy and destroy enemies! Join war and find the best way to strike down your foes in this top-notch mobile MMO SLG!

Wonder War Battles
Lead your dragon and troops in Wonder War. Select the needed troops: infantry, cavalry, archer, chariot, knights before your march.

Free Placements
Wanna get unique layouts? Just tap and drag the building and place it wherever you want it to be!

Your Choice: to Fight or just Trade
All depends on you, be a friend to everyone, mainly growing from trades, gathers, and help of allies, or be an offensive players, attacking around and plunder resources to grow. You make your strategy plan and war tactics. No one and nothing can stand in your way to get on top in this SLG empire builder and strategic war game!

For fans of strategy, clan clash, quests

What's New

June 6, 2018
•Added Hero System
Hero Hall building for players to summon and upgrade hero
•New Dragon Skills
Players can select different dragon skills to march with troops.
•Added new Broadcast System
•Military Rank display optimization
Military Rank icon will be showed in chat and on world map.
•Dragon Relic display optimization
•World map optimizations
Graphics and castle appearance will be changed
•UI changes and game experience optimizations
•Building level, dragon level and lord level will be raised

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