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Love Balls : Draw lines

Love Balls : Draw lines

Be smart and help connect the lover balls! have fun

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App description

The description of Love Balls : Draw lines

Love drawing Balls is an amazing cute game that’s topping the mobile gaming charts right now
"Love balls " is a simple logic puzzle involving drawing lines to connect the cute emoji together
In love balls game, you must draw a line to guide both balls to where they belong. Happy balls must remain on the screen and need to touch each other.
Each level has a star, which can only be collected with a happy lover balls
The more Lines you use to complete a level, the lower your score will be.
drawing lines in order to solve puzzles. However, you have a limited amount of “ink” for drawing the lines and various shapes work differently.
This is what makes this game so challenging and so nice at the same time
It’s extremely important to keep in mind one thing: whenever you see items that you can draw on or around in a level, it means that you will have to use it some way or another.
You will either have to use the items to balance a line, to hold a line (draw a z-shape) or something similar.
But always know that if there’s a decor element in a level, it is there for you to use!

Features :

- Easy to play love balls, All lines are made by hand, no randomized levels
- Challenging levels
- Easy draw for kids and hard levels for adults.
- Minimal balls and retro 2D graphics, forget about complicated 3D lines
- Both the balls and the lines react to the law of gravity.

How to Play the drawing line balls:

-it is very simple just Push the balls and connect the emoji together by drawing various shapes.
-The shapes you draw will drop down and stay in the scene and can then be used to move the ball

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