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MHD Flasher N54

MHD Flasher N54

MHD Flasher is a complete tuning solution for your N54 engine powered BMW.

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App description

The description of MHD Flasher N54

MHD Flasher is the first Android handheld application to bring ECU tuning and monitoring to the BMW N54 engine. The MHD Flasher reveals the immense margin of power BMW left on the table with the N54 while still retaining the sophistication of the original engine management program.

→ Easy to install
Connect any compatible Android device to your car using a standard K+Dcan cable along with an OTG USB adapter, install one of the pre-purchased MHD maps and enjoy the power and performance benefits of the MHD maps by Wedge Performance.

→ Keep an eye on the tuning
Monitor your engine behavior using a configurable gauges layout to keep an eye on any of the 50+ engine monitors like oil temp, boost pressure, actual load or individual cylinder ignition timing. Activate the logging mode to save up to 30 monitors to a standard CSV file for later analysis. Track issues by reading the error codes, and delete them once resolved.

→ Flash your ECU back to a stock anytime, as often as you need to. No ECU backup is needed.

→ Custom tuning support
As an alternative to built-in maps, many tuners can provide advanced custom mapping for those who have higher or special performance needs.

The MHD Flasher can be downloaded here:

Main features description:

═══ Flasher module ═══
- Flash built-in maps (purchased separately), piggyback backend maps or custom user-tuned .BIN files.
- Backup up the stock ECU software, as fast as 3 seconds on most of the cars.
- Provides handy options like power limiter per gear, wastegate rattle fix or exhaust burble settings.
- Read / delete engine trouble codes.
- Reset adaptation values (Lambda, Fuel/air, Octane rating, VANOS, Throttle, and Battery).
- 2 minutes map switching; initial install time: 18 minutes on KLINE cars (2007 & Early 2008), 38 minutes on DCAN cars (2008+).

═══ Monitor module ═══

What's New

November 15, 2017
- V8 beta maps, including e85 mix maps for stage 1, 1+ and 2.
- Added heartbeat signals while flashing to keep other ECUs in the car happy.

- small user interface improvements

- Added Monitor on app start up option.
- Autolog pedal threshold increased from 50 to 70%.
- Logging is stopped/resumed when the app goes to the background/foreground.
- For DME swaps, VIN is checked against the CAS module so licenses remain valid.

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