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Pokaa - #1 Short-Deck Poker (6-Plus Hold’em)

Pokaa - #1 Short-Deck Poker (6-Plus Hold’em)

Poker is great. Short deck are a new option

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  • Pokaa - #1 Short-Deck Poker (6-Plus Hold’em) Pokaa - #1 Short-Deck Poker (6-Plus Hold’em) Pokaa - #1 Short-Deck Poker (6-Plus Hold’em) Pokaa - #1 Short-Deck Poker (6-Plus Hold’em)

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The description of Pokaa - #1 Short-Deck Poker (6-Plus Hold’em)

♠♥♣♦ POKAA is a free online Texas Hold'em game app with short deck. Your'll share a VIP poker table with global friends or watch a live Tour. Let's Go! ♠♥♣♦


- 🥇#1 Short Deck Poker is great and the short deck is your new choice. Even if you don’t know how to play poke before, you can still get started easily. This is what you can't play in Las Vegas.
- 🎉Kill Boredom Your time is respected. The short deck have a greater chance of getting a high cards. It has the thrill of cosino slot or blackjack21, the wisdom of Texas Hold'em.
- 🏆Free Tournament Free to join the daily tournament in different stakes. because you can join or leave at any time.
- 💰Big Prize Compete with players from world to win the big prize of Pokaa League everyday. Become the league's all-star.
- 🎁Free chips You'll get free porker coin every 4 hours and everyday. The more you play, the more chips you get.
- 😄Lovely Emoji We love emoji. We hope to use it to enhance your experience.

=== GAME RULES ===

🃏 It's very different with other Texas Hold’em:

- Take out the 2’s, the 3’s the 4’s and the 5’s. You end up with a 36-card deck.
- An ace can make a straight if its board is 6, 7, 8, 9. So an ace can be a 5.
- The different hand rankings :Straight Flush > Quads > Flush > Full House > Straight > 3 of a Kind > 2Pair > 1Pair > High Card
- No Small Blind an Big Blind. Each betting round is begin from next seat of Dealer

For more introduction please check out video "Tom Dwan explains short-deck poker (6-Plus Hold’em)"(https://youtu.be/cmurkkHC8Tg)

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