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Experience the sky rush speed game. Enjoy

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The description of Sky Rusher

this game is really fun it takes you to a whole advance level Endless Space flying Simulator experience. . It provides a flexible and smooth space flight flying experience that you may never ever enjoyed before! It's a mind-blowing creativity with Endless flight
SKy Rusher is a great falcon plane new xracing game. it is one of the great crazy speed game for all age Boys and Girls. The extreme racer game that enhances your no limit racer skills and agility while having many hours of amazing fun. The Sky rush game that has the amazing capability of junked up the minds of the boys and girls are so rare. But the extreme game called infinite nutrition speed comes right under the 3D rare games. Fast speed falcon or infinite speed is a wonderful thrilling new game.
The no limit game offers wide glows and sensation for the futuristic players which make it comes under the simulation or action category games. The players of flight speed falcon will face an ultimate amazing new style thrill in the falcon race, and the major mission of this space craft game to show your racing game skills and to prove you are the infinite speed champion player.
In this endless speed game mission will be to travel on different type falcon with safety as much as it can possible in short time. In our falcon game players will feel the amazing life of an airplane pilot or Helicopter pilot by the realistic controls and actions of the 3D new idea game. In the infinite speed pro game environment, there are many types and design huge types buildings and small buildings that are made up of heavy construction material and if the airship or falcon hits it, the airship or falcon will eventually

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